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New Awakenings is a community - We are dedicated to supporting, uplifting, and assisting all individuals on their personal journey and discovery through life. It is a process that must be shared and nurtured. In sharing our individual journeys we add to the richness and fullness of our collective consciousness and path.

New Awakenings is a leading-thought self empowerment store - We explore the world to bring rich and powerful aids to guide and empower you at all stages of life. It provides us joy to see the expansion of people and the world who are growing and changing through new products and ideas that will become the mainstream of tomorrow.

For those of you who are new energy to our community and store - Welcome! It is an honor to meet you and we hope you'll be in touch with us often.

For those of you who are continuing to contribute to the energy of our community and store -
Thank you! It is an honor to be on this adventure with you and please continue to grace us with your energy and love.

We are dedicated to merging leading-thought ideas into the mainstream of life.

New Awakenings Bookshop, Gallery & Gifts
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404 E Main Street, Battle Ground, WA 98604