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* Sun., April 12th  from 3-5pm:  Channeling the Angels & Archangels

Come get to know and spend more time with the Angels and Archangels!  Multi-dimensional beings of light that are here to assist you with your life and your purpose.  Learn who they are, how they assist you in your daily life, and how to communicate clearly with them.

* Sun., May 10th  from 3-5pm:  Beginning Enlightenment/Being a Light Worker

Learn about enlightenment and how to live life as a Light Worker—a vessel for peace, healing, light and the Divine.  We will discuss how to be free of stress, clear your mind, heal your body, find balance in everyday living, and to live and be a being of Light.

* Sun., June 14th from 3-5pm:  Clearing Karma

Join us for an afternoon of clearing karma and healing past lives! Class will combine the use of energy, angels, ascended masters, guided visualization work, and the powers of intention and forgiveness.  Freedom and healing are the result.

* Sun., July 12th from 3-5pm:  Meeting & Integrating w/ Your Highest Self

Get to know the real you—your divine self.  Spend time connecting, aligning with, and attuning your energy to your Highest and best self.   This “you” is purely connected with Source, wise, loving, healthy, free of ego, and fully in-tune with your gifts.  

* Sun., Aug. 16th  from 3-5pm:  Communicating with Source

Spend a class meeting and communicating with Source.  The best and highest Source available for healing and wisdom.  Class will include meditations and experiences of purely experiencing the Divine Source, as well as accessing healing and wisdom for daily life.

* Sun., Sept. 13th  from 3-5pm:  Communicating with Loved Ones in Heaven

An evening to help you connect with those you love in the spirit world.  Come learn about how they try to connect with us, and how you can communicate with them.  Class will be part lecture and part guided connection with your loved ones.  All will leave with validation and a means of communication.

* Sun., Oct. 11th  from 3-5pm:  Divine Purpose

Come meet with the spirit world to find out why you are here, what you are meant to do, and how to live your life from a view of Divine Purpose.  Your guides, angels & higher self await!

* Sun., Nov. 8th from 3-5pm:  Living a Spirit Guided Life

This spirit guides class will assist you with how to live connected and in-tune with guidance from your guides as a daily practice.  A spirit guided life is one of clarity, joy, well-being and purpose.  Learn to be guided in everyday life, and live the life you were meant to live.

* Sun., Dec. 13th  from 3-5pm:  Healing with the Angels

Spend an afternoon nurturing your body, mind and spirit.  Come enjoy being filled with healing, light, love and the compassion of the angels.   Class will be a combo of clearing the old, centering & aligning with our highest selves, & making way for the New Year.